Friday, November 30

Just wondering

     Not complaining... I would never do that. I was however wondering, how can chicken wings be so cheap? I mean, you only get 2 to a bird. By the laws of 'supply and demand' they should cost more. I go to the grocery store weekly, and see packages of wings, a dozen or more to a package, where do all these wings come from, like I stated, only 2 to a bird... and have you ever walked into a 'wing joint'... are these real wings or did they figure out how to grow them on trees? I'm completely baffled. 


Douglas said...

There are specially bred, genetically enhanced, chickens with 6 wings each. It's not widely known, of course. The birds still cannot fly as it is difficult to get a running start with the 6 legs they also have.

covnitkepr1 said...

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