Wednesday, November 7

The good side of a woman

     So you didn't ask me, but the question is still there. What will the right woman do for a man? Well she's got me shaving, every day, well ok, so I haven't shaved today, but still. She can open your eyes to things that eyes remained shut to years past. She can make you feel more like a man than you have ever felt before. Bring a smile to your face, even when things aren't grand; you overlook the bad and see the good. She can make you see the details when it was just good enough before. Sharpen your mind; make you think of more than just yourself, she's now included with all your do's and do not's. She makes you strive for perfection, and as long as she has a smile on her face you know she understands when you fail. After all perfection is an idea not a state of being. You really remember all the things Mom told you about being a gentleman. Your vocab cleans up, your apartment cleans up and with her help your appearance cleans up.  Yes it is true, behind every great man is a great woman. I'm not a fool dressed in a tin foil suit, I am a knight in shinning armor. My sword is my personality and she helped me sharpen it to a razors edge.

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Inspector Clouseau said...

When I first read the title of this post, I fell out laughing for personal reasons, since I rarely find myself in a relationship.

However, as I continued to read sentence by sentence, I kept saying to myself, "Spot on...."

Very nicely done.