Friday, January 11

2 Guitars, same name

     Back 'in the day' the big rockers were either Fender or Gibson... if it wasn't a Strat or a Tele it was the Les Paul, SG or in some cases the Firebird. Funny thing, the Gibson Firebird came out in a re-issue known to many as the Non-reverse Firebird. I personally think they should have named one Firebird the other the Transam... auto humor...  Yes there were some ( Page and Hendrix) that went from Fender to Gibson, Jeff Beck has been seen with both also... Lets concentrate on the Firebird by Gibson...  The original model, the lower image was unique to Gibson in that the tuning keys were inline, rather than the 3 left 3 right set up. The original, or 'reverse' model also used a 'banjo' type tuning key. Now not being an expert on guitars, and never having the chance to play either of these 2 guitars, I think the original went out of production for some time. Apparently it did not sell as well as they had hoped. I do recall one of the guitarists of Lynard Skynard used this guitar. Some years later Gibson decided to re-issue the guitar but with some changes. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, it was called the Non-reverse. (see upper image) The head stock was reversed, and the keys faced up. What I call "When Gibson went Fender". The only guitars Fender produced with the 3/3 head stock were the acoustic guitars and many of those were made with the inline tuning keys.  The other notable change was the body was turned around. You will notice also the Non-reverse re-issue in the image has 3 pickups, I believe to be a more expensive model, and comes with 2 pickups in the Standard model. 

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