Saturday, January 12

Go Read a Book

       As you know, books are being replaced. To some they are awkward, heavy, room consuming and pretty much a nuisance. There are still those that think they are useful, the ones that "love to hold" a book, turn pages, and 'feel' the weight of the book. It doesn't make a difference which side of the line you are on, I have a feeling Librarian is a poor choice of an occupation the not so distant future. Just look at how rapid change is now days. What once was around for decades now is old news in a matter of weeks, even days or hours. Yes "they" may keep some around as artifacts but really, who would even think of typing out a paper with an old Smith-Corona? Do you even know what an old Smith-Corona is? Change is rapid... we best be careful just how compact our lives become; won't be long pencils, pens and markers will be artifacts too. I don't think crayons are in danger though.

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