Tuesday, January 22

The Truth

     In the event that all evil in the world is true and we are all condemned think of this if you will.

     The electoral college is rigged; there is no drama in the election "they" know who wins before they even run for the presidency. The NFL is rigged, "they" know good and well, before the season even starts. "They" know the outcome of every game, who wins the Championships and who the "Next years big kahunna" will be. Furthermore, man DID land on the moon; contrary to what you think. We have not been to the moon since 72 because there was no oil there. We will instead, venture to Mars... because there is oil there.  Led of course by the greedy American oil sobs. The world is not going to end today, as we have seen you can run out of room on a calendar. In fact, the world is never going to end. There is a thing worse than death. 

       This has been Neo's take on the universe, thank you for you time. 

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