Saturday, January 19

Happy Birthday...

Born today, January 19, 1943 The immortal Janis Joplin

      Though she sits in my musical catalog and will be forever remembered in the movement known to many as the hippies; her music just doesn't hit me right. Is it possible to be a fan and not like the tunes? Answering that for you I would say yes. Her persona fit the day and fit the movement. The wild 'child' gone out of control... yea that was Janis. I'm not saying all her music should be tossed, contrary to that, it should be remembered, played often and do remember this woman (though just a child in some respect) did die for her cause. In today's terminology, she was one of the leaders in "thinking outside the bun" 
     I will remember, respect and adore you for all time.

ps. I'm gonna hurl if I hear about that Mercedes Benz one more time.

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