Saturday, February 16


So, what about South America.... I mean, you just don't hear that much about South America. You see, I am a man of change and decisions. This whole thing with the "Democratic government"... its been done for several years. So I say lets go take over an unestablished land, over throw the current "government" in the name of Liberty and just start over. I'm just thinking, there must be a country down there just waiting and ready for  a take over. Argentina... that's the place. I know of several very good wines that come from there. Ha... California....It's close to Columbia, so the coffee has to be cheap. Yea, so they have a government already there, so did the North American Natives. I mean, are they going to drop a nuclear bomb on me for telling them my way is a better way than what they have now? I'm just thinking, they don't have a massive highway system, so there is work, and building up a massive Federal Government to be financed by the Oil and Insurance corporations... Oh, wait... that's what we have here isn't it? Never mind, I'll think of another solution.

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