Friday, February 15

One afternoon...

     Just standing here thinking, as I do occasionally. Well alright, you got me there, I do it allot. So I am looking down at my boots. A very nice pair of boots I might add. A thought, "I wonder why they made boots with a smooth bottom, (no tread)" which gets me to thinking a large rush of other thoughts. The first of which would be an answer. "Well of course they have no treads. The treaded shoe didn't come about till after the tire was invented. Cowboy boots do pre-date the rubber tire. However, this is not a post about tires, the date they were made available, or even the boots. It is a post about me thinking. I was also thinking of a comfortable house shoe, in the form of the leather moccosin; well according to the picture, I changed my mind on the leather moccasins.

Then I started thinking of leather, where does leather come from, how is it processed, formed and made available to the public. Quite a bit of thinking I will say. I am picturing (if you will) cows. Lots of cows. Never having a "packing plant open house" I am imagining cows moving along a line being processed. (saving the gorry details for a later post)


And yes I realize a sentence should not start with And.... And yes I did think of the Bovine Blogger during this 'eppisode' of thoughts. Wondered how my brother was doing also.

      In this thinking process also came a few 'duh' and 'not so duh' thoughts including but not limited to baseball gloves, Harley Davidson, that girl I was wanting to meet, Batman (not the movies), Christopher Robin, Led Zeppelin, Ernie Ball guitar strings and a whole bunch of thoughts that I  really can't keep tabs on.

I hope my thoughts don't bore you like they do me.



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