Wednesday, February 13

Weather and Drama

     In the spring you do not get a "Spring weather advisory". They come right out and tell you, conditions are right for a tornado to form, a tornado has been sighted in the area. Summer, same deal, no "Summer weather advisory"; they come right out and tell you, its gonna be hot, better prepare. Fall seems to be the safest time of year. Now we come to the Queen of Drama, as weather goes; Winter Weather Advisory. Why don't you just come out and tell me its gonna snow? You know the device routine, you get a red exclamation point in the notifications band; yes it is normal to wonder what that is all about. You automatically go to your weather app. Well, there are a few different weather scenarios we could be dealing with. Snow, freezing rain; but all pretty much lean the same way as alarms go, it could get slick driving. Why all the drama? Actually, the way the Media people are around here; I'm quite surprised there is not a loud, piercing Snow warning alarm that goes off at the firehouse. 

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