Friday, January 10


     Wine is grapes? yes?... Well ok its not grape juice, but the grape makes the wine. Where in the USA do you grow great grapes? I know you thought immediately "Ohio"... No but in reality (that place we keep trying to avoid) the King or Queen (as the case would be) of Vineyards would have to go to California. Venturing to where wine originated (sorry California doesn't get this one) say to Italy or Greece, somewhere in that "hood" of the world. Socrates and Plato come from this Hood. You want good wine? Drink what Plato drinks... but back at it aye... the rolling hills of coastal Italy one of the greatest places to grow grapes... I don't know, should have looked this up before I wrote this, Is Italy at some if not most on the same latitude as California? Or would that work better to say California is the same latitude as Italy... Well I believe Italy being coastal from all directions does help.I don't know how to grow grapes, past the fact that they need intensive attention, pruning, thinning, pruning etc. and lots of water... (professional hint: your lawn needs more water than mother nature will automatically provide) As I understand, growing grapes is an art; an art that most homeowners fail at. Your lawn should invite people to step up to your front door. Oh wait, this is supposed to be about grapes. Back to the subject... Now I know Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere, flipside of the coin, if you will. So we can't compare latitude for latitude, but this also in an area surrounded by coastal waters. Writer of this 'report' thinks in logic... perhaps salt is the missing mineral that leaves Ohio in the dirt as wine production goes? Kentucky as well. I mean, face it; at an expensive dinner where impression and 1st impression is all that counts, are you going to have a wine from Hogensville Ky or something from Sanoma County California? Its the salt I tell you. 

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