Tuesday, January 21

The Truth Hurts Sometimes

In my mind that's just how it was. See, in Georgia we never got snow. Lived there 8 yrs never once did it snow. So when we would get a real heavy frost, all bets where off; couldn't have kids falling and breaking their necks. When I moved to Cincinnati it was a little different. Snow, lots of snow. Yea, I know Minnesota gets more, even Chicago and Cleveland. Talking to a boy from Georgia (well back in the 70's) I was absolutely devastated when I found out they didn't call off school so the kids could stay home and play outside. I mean really... To call off school for something as silly as treacherous roads and traffic difficulties. When I did hear this news, I did finally realize; "they" don't really care about "us", it was all about their buses and a little bit the legalities involved with bus crashes. Imagine that! 

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Douglas said...

It is always about the liabilities, never about the people who would be potentially hurt