Friday, January 3

Warning: There will be another Ice Age

    Climate change. This is an interesting subject; I will give you that there is climate change on the Earth. Not saying it is due to mankind. I mean, think about it... at one time the polar caps extended, it was the last of the "ice ages:" Sure it was billions of years ago but how do you judge time on a planetary basis? Is a billion years a long time in comparison to the life expectancy of a planet? Thinking this; were there not multiple ice ages, separated by millions of years? So anyhow, the last one (ice age), as I remember from school had the glaciers carving out the Rocky Mountains. This on a global setting, is quite close to what we know as the tropics, of today. So they say, the polar caps are melting and they say this is supposed to be bad news. I for one say the world would be a warmer place without the polar caps... Who's to say what a "normal" temperature on this planet should be? I mean, maybe with the ice caps gone there would be more useable land on the Earth. So it gets a few degrees hotter in Florida... maybe the winter in Michigan wouldn't be so bad. Furthermore, you would be complaining again in a million years when the next ice age rolls around.

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