Monday, February 17

Security or Getting ripped off?

Irony or is it just plain stupidity? I am (through no fault of my own) Forced to allow a broke-in debt country to manage my retirement. SS is just another tax. There is no "savings and loan" in Washington DC with an account of my SSI withholding from my paycheck (for all my working career). I mean really think about it, would you even let your closest dearest friend manage your retirement money? So "for my security" in my later years our government (the sneaky fn bastards they are and always will be)  not only takes a large withholding on my paycheck (for all of my working career) then divvies out a "pension" that is barely at the poverty level (as defined by the same entity that controls my retirement money) Beyond that... this was all part of Roosevelt's "New Deal" which was supposed to be the answer to the Great Depression. As it turned out, the "New Deal" did little more than just create more red tape in Washington. WWII is what got American business back on the plus side.  

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