Monday, March 3

complain till you are blue in the face

      Have read about how everyone was complaining when Social Security first became a deduction on the paycheck. And right they were to complain! Will I ever get back the money withheld from my paycheck? I doubt it. They offer me back a sub- poverty level income for all my days of work (my entire life) This is a failure as is the new "Obamacare". Complain... be against it, it is nothing more than another tax, on top of all the taxes we already pay. (wasn't this country founded on the grounds of 'unfair taxation'?) Does the Boston Tea Party come to mind? It should, or did you not study that one in high school? What do they teach in history class these days? Hitler was ok... just went a little far.(a quote, almost of Marge Schott) Or the Great Depression was George Bush's fault? Well public school is funded by taxes, I guess the government has a right to tell us what to teach our kids about the past. Are you younger than me? Born in 1962... were you taught Vietnam was a war or a "police action"? Did you know that before Obama; Jimmy Carter holds the worst rating as a U.S. president? Ronald Reagan by statistics was the best president since Eisenhower. I think timing has alot to do with  a presidents rating. I personally think Ford was the worst president in modern times. I my opinion Obama wins that contest hands down. Mind you; though past I have leaned republican, I choose neither party to hang my hat on. Independent and Tea Party parties included, they are all a bunch of lying, crooked sneaks that you can trust about as far as you can throw them. What ever happened to the Jeffersons, Franklins and Hancocks of days past that wanted a government for by and of the people? What happened to this country? I know and I will tell you.... $$$$$$
In and of the same breed: Power corrupts and total power corrupts totally. Money is the root of all evil.

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