Sunday, March 16


In my day:
Kennedy: assassinated while I was in diapers
Johnson: from what I have read was a biggot
Nixon: just got caught doing what he needed to do for National Security
Ford: took office via chain of command as Spiro couldn't seem to get his tax papers done correctly or on time or both... as President, Ford proved to be unworthy of the job and that does including tripping on the tarmac to Air Force 1 several times.
Carter: other than his "fireside chats" did little to get this land moving in the right direction
Reagan: no complaints, seemed to have an idea of what needed done and how to execute such, had great charisma as I have read Kennedy had.
Bush: please?! One would think as Vice President would have learned a thing or 2 
Clinton: cool guy but cool guys shouldn't be in politics let alone President of the United States
Bush Jr: was what they had to offer... aside Catrina, the damage to the Great Sphinx, Vietnam and what ever else you want to blame him for; did an alright job
 Obama: I see evil in this man. PERIOD!

I think it is time we looked out side of Government "lifers" and Lawyers to fill this job, maybe someone with accounting in their background?

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