Tuesday, March 4

The simplified version

     Not wanting this to seem like a political blog, really its not but we need to look at things in a global sense.
Yes, peace and harmony would be great but this is the stuff dreams are made of. We can best explain this in extreme terms... bear with me, or should that be bare? 
       I am going to show you how trickle down economics works...
I'm the King... I have nobles and people under me, and then on the bottom we have the peasants. Now really it all starts at the bottom. The peasants till the ground, do services and labor tasks which provides money they pay me... I then take the money I make and disperse it as I see fit. Now if my peasants did not  make money I in turn do not make money. See it all starts at the top. The more I make the more I have to disperse and eventually it does get to the last guy... we will call him the snow remover (since that is the worst job that exists) The problem with this system is corruption and greed... the more hands the money goes through the greater the risk of losing money to corruption and greed. Its a simplified example to show if the money is not available at the top of course the little guy gets screwed. Just think, if peasants do well King does well and will need to build more castles... this makes for more work and the master builder is making more money now, he needs to hire more builders... who need to hire helpers, who get a little take of the money, and need to feed their families and the grocery store, the clothing mill and all the others in the land are making more money. And in the end the snow remover gets his share because it is a needed task that only occurs in the winter time, and only if it is a bad winter with lots of snow. Now if all the countries are doing well so it goes, the earth is doing well. But say China has a down turn in their economy; It would be a rough Christmas as that is where all the toys come from. Hopefully now you can see why it IS a brotherhood of man. 

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