Saturday, December 27

Camping Woes and Foes...

     Let me first be excused for not posting for a long while. You know how "life" gets in the way of the stuff
you like to do. That being said...
     Who here is not familiar with camping, enjoy all that mother nature has to offer; including but not limited to the sleeping on the hard ground and or a very uncomfortable cot? To me the worst part of the whole trip in sitting around the campfire, singing songs, telling stories and generally cutting up with friends and family. Not that I am apposed to fun but the darn fire has that tail called smoke; and it is always blowing in someones face. (Do note my use of punctuation; absence of a semi-colon got me a D on my term paper) Oh... where were we, oh yes, camping... In my years I did find one cure for the camp-fire-smoke-in-the-face ordeal. Address the fire, yes; as a person, and simply say, "I hate rabbits!" I know, it sounds crazy but it does work. Now I can't take full credit, as I discovered this rather than invent it.
     Tracing back through "Neo-lore" (you know, the study of me) you will find that my mom was an avid Girl Scout leader for a good part of my youth. I did go camping with the girl scouts on several occasions.    Sissy-fied?  I say it is what taught me the ways of a gentleman.
     The next time we get together we will go fishing to see if it is a way to have dinner, an actual sport or just an excuse to drink beer. 

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