Sunday, July 13

Does this truck have Criminal stenciled on it?

Needing quarters for the washing machine here at the complex; I took a short venture. Uptown across from Stanbury Park  to the car wash. Feed the machine a 10 and get my quarters. Proceed to wash and wax the little truck. Yes, the dragon needed a bath. On the way home I pull into above mentioned park, pull to a stop in the sun to help dry the dragon. I then back into a parking spot in the shade for a quick coffee break. I had no idea I had broken the law. Shortly; say 5 minutes in; the Sheriffs Deputy pulls in and stops right in front of me. The officer (use that word loosely) approaches my truck and asks for id. Now everything with the vehicle is legit, save for the missing front license plate. As I hand him my drivers license he asks "Why do you hang in the park so much?" I answer out of respect and courtesy "Well I live about 2 blocks that way... and like to come to the park once in a while." He proceeds to tell me its a nice park, but there is a dark side here. I think it was at that point he asked me do you have any needles in the truck. By this time I felt violated and harassed. Is there a law about hanging out in the city park? I did, at one point think that is what parks are for. After about 25 or 30 minutes the cop did hand me back my license, at the same time asking "Have you ever been arrested for drugs?" Ensuing a brief conversation of a possession charge back in '81. Obviously he has "privy" to these things. Before he walked away there was the question "no weed in the vehicle?" Needless to say my 'coffee break' was ruined.  Oh I forgot to mention there was one comment about the missing front license plate. When told I would replace it in a month when my registration comes up; he responded "thats just the registration, you can get a sticker." I did respond well I am getting plates since I need a front one. (very bizzare if you ask me)

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