Tuesday, February 10

Think about it...

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     But really give it a thought, instead of paying you are now making money.  Actually is a "no brainer."  75 or so years chasing, arresting some, locking up others and still, if my desire is strong enough I can find some. Did we not learn in the 30's if you make something illegal and people still want that item; it can be found. No taxes involved; being illegal your average Joe does not set up shop. Someone is going to make a profit. This is where the the cartels come in. Are you familiar with the name Al Capone? Well, lets dig our heels in and fight this so called drug war. The expenses cover the entire gamut. Control, investigators, arrests, court, and lock up just to name a few. All because this plant has "mind altering" effects. Should we throw catnip into the mix of "schedule A" drugs? Let's say we look at this in a different light. Drugs are a community/social problem, not a legal problem. Typically a "crime" is something the hurts and or costs money to other people. For one, drugs don't seem to fit this profile. The "need" for a drug may cause crime but that is really another issue. However, marijuana is not and I will repeat "Not an addictive substance". Too many studies do back this statement. Really, think about it; using taxes to help keep an addict satisfied makes more sense than using tax dollars to fight a losing battle. Getting off track here though. Is Colorado falling apart? As I last heard life is still pretty good there. And you can actually get a Rocky Mountain High without breaking the law.

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