Saturday, February 14


Has the electronic "message" replaced human contact? And what is with the text messaging? Isn't this supposed to be a phone? Now I did have an experience in which "texting" was a logical and effective tool; more about that later. As I sit here logged into my blogging site with my texting device, I am trying to change the world just a little bit at a time. I  find texting to be a great tool, a "personal memo" if you will. Not a real useful way to "get to know" someone. Beyond the lol's and smileys the message is devoid of emotion and inflection not to mention gesturing and body language. Do phone calls even exist any more? "A phone call" that's what my mom always said, "if you are going to be late". Made sense, then she knew I hadn't been abducted, wasn't in the hospital or in jail and she could speak with me. My mother had this skill of knowing if I was lying, even on the telephone. In steps the "text message". You just type it and send it. One of the better features of the text message is the location stamp. "I'm over at Fred's working on his car" with a location stamp saying  "sent from Joe's Bar and Grille" is sure to go over well with your wive.

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