Saturday, March 7

Confused? So am I.

     So, today we learn the difference between a Plutoid and a Dwarf Planet. Shown here is a Dwarf Planet, named Ceres. NASA now has a spacecraft orbiting this unexplored new world, also known as a Kepler Object. Dwarf Planets are; as you would imagine small planets. Now, to my knowledge there is only one Plutoid in our solar system. Just a few years back, and all through my school days it was known as Pluto. Planet #9 of 9 planets orbiting Sol, the star that the planets in the "Solar" System orbit about. 

Now to see a "Plutoid" click here  . So "the ones who or whom know all about this" decided that since everyone in my generation, and a few generations before learned Pluto was a planet, with a few odd differences. These differences (orbital path, size and other) set Pluto apart and can't be called a planet nor can it be called a Dwarf Planet. So Pluto goes beyond "planet" and becomes the sole resident of a new "planetary" body. 

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