Monday, September 29

blonde joke

  This girl was in a 'rich' neighborhood, looking for fixit jobs someone would want to pay $50 or so for.  She came across a house with a full wrap-around porch.  Having knocked on the door an older man answers,"can I help you?"  She tells him she is trying to earn some money and did he have any fixit jobs she could do. Thinking a while he says, "yes I do need my porch painted. Would you like to do that for $50, in fact I'll give you $60 to paint it as it wraps around the house. Paint is in the garage." Agreeing with his terms the girl goes to the garage and gets the paint, 20 minutes later reports back to the house, "all done hope you like it"  The man a bit takin at the speed she completed the task (figured it would take some hours) was shocked when the blonde said, "sir, it is pronounced Porch'e"

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