Sunday, September 21

Saturn and beyond

 Looking for life on Enceladus?? Are you sure you want to do that? As I see it, 1) you need water, 2)you need reasonable heat 3) need of organic matterials,atmosphere, etc to support life. Givin  this would be "life as we know it".  I think the last place I would be looking for life other than Earth would be another solar system. Seems to me Earth is the perfect distance from the sun, perfect in size, atmosphere, plenty of water etc. I have done some reading and saw a few articles suggesting there could be life on a moon of Saturn.  Now forgive me for my short sightedness, I think Saturn is the last place to look for life, its moons are not much better either, methane, ethane, amonia and other poisons I can't see supporting life. I could be wrong though. I am only considering "life as we know it".  After all didn't Mr Spok have blood rich in copper with very little use for iron?  Not a scientist, but I think even Mars is too cold to support life. Why do we keep food in the refrigerator? to kill bacteria and other. Saturn being a bit further from the sun than Mars seems to be a perpetual refrigerator,  Saturn a Perpetual freezer. Hence... not life here lets keep looking.

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