Friday, October 17

when life becomes a blurr

I'm not talkin about leaving an infant in the car all day to roast, or not setting the parking brake to let the car run into a crowd of people, but the little insignificant things that you forget, like what year it was I saw Styx at an independence day festival.  Small town getting to be the spot of the wealthy here, a little town called Mason. It was July 3, the plan was actually to go see the band Toto do a show in Blue Ash Oh. Nice little park up on Grooms Rd.  (is actually a group of athletic fields) they set up on Independence day with an all day festival the concert in the evening and a great big fireworks display by the Rozzi family.  I have seen Kansas there, Bay City Rollers and others.  Well this one year, think about 3 years ago the band was Toto, and I had plans to go to the fest with my daughter. Well leave it to Jasmine, she calls me on the 3rd and says "hey dad, lets skip the Toto show tomorrow night and go see Styx tonight." Sounded totally cool as Toto only has a few songs I like and only one real good one is "Hold the Line" came out end of 70's I think.  Styx on the other hand, too many great tunes to name em all and been a solid band forever, think that Grand Illusion album is back from 73 ish.  Well there was my plan.  We got there as the backing show was leaving the stage, place was packed, we didn't even bring any lawn chairs or such but we did manage to find a spot right next to the mixing tower, not real close but we could see the band.  With out Dennis DeYoung on keyboard and a new drummer the band sounded like Styx of old.  Tommy Shaw really came together to keep the band alive. Now back 79 or 80 I did pay the $11 to see Styx at the Riverfront Collosium (as it was named then). Would have been the Parasise Theatre tour.   The free festival show I saw was better, Styx has done some great music since then.  Tommy was lead act of the band, and they just pulled song after song Renagade, Grand Illusion, To Much Time, etc.  Funny thing of the show was me and Jas were rockin our heads off, grooving and digging the show ... all others seemed to be having a good time (not real into the music) till the song "come sail away" came up. All the suppen, a million people stand up (well exagerated a little) and are rockin like this was their fav band of all time barr none.  My daughter was a trip growing up, born in 1990 loves The Beatles,Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the list is longer but you get the point.  Well this (the instant Styx fans) was rather a drag, as Jas and I could no longer even see the show.   I noticed how the terrain of the sports complex went uphill behind us, so I take a few steps back and Jas follows and problem solved just as the song ends.  Yea , you guessed it, the "instant styx fans" all went back to their seats, Jas and I returned to our original spot and the show went a few more tunes and the fire works started about 20 mins later. Was just a great show; only band I have ever seen more than once. 

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