Friday, October 24


  • Led Zeppelin- named off a quote: "this band will go over like a lead zeppellin" keith moon
  • Kansas- actually the only 'holy roller' band to make it famous in mainstream rock
  • The Beatles- note the word 'beat' in the name
  • ac/dc- power, not the sexual connotation 
  • Styx- the mythical river seperating hades from the world of the living
  • Yes- I have no idea but its a cool name and a great band
  • Steve Miller Band- duh
  • Kiss- refers to "the kiss of death" not knights in satans service
  • 10cc- refers to the ejactulate of a healthy male (wtf)
  • Rollng Stones- gather no moss?
  • Pink Floyd- names of musicians Sid Barret had known(Pink Anderson Floyd Counsil)
  • Rush- not real sure but I am sure its not Reign Under Satans Hand
  • CSN&Y- another duh
  • Queen- may have been Freddy, not real sure
  • The Who- cool band cool name again not real sure
  • Devo- refers to the de-evolution of mankind
  • Black Sabbath- named for a Boris Karloff movie
  • Jethro Tull- farmer from the 1800's invented a type of plough
  • Lynard Skynard- gym teacher Gary Rossington had several dealings with( Leonard Skinner)
  • Deep Purple- Richie Blackmore's grandfather liked the song Deep Purple by Bing Crosby
  • Here are some others

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Dan-Eric Slocum said...

You need your own radio talk show to discuss all this music stuff.

It's great.