Saturday, October 25

just me wondering

Seems strange to me.  I know guys from my school (not so much friends as aquainted)  but through my searching I can find them if in the same loop ie myspace facebook or blogger, but now the girls I used to know, yes I do have girls in the past that I didn't sleep with, that are a little harder to catch up with.  For one the last name changes everytime you get married.  Not that more than one is right but seems to be the norm anymore. I guess back in the stoneage, or Moses age they didn't see the comunication age coming.  I always did think it was strange that the female had to change her family name.  Now yea I am a man and I am not saying we (men) should be the ones to change our names; but couldn't Sara Smith (made up character for my senerio) marry Bob Jones and be known as Sara Smith/Jones?  That would certainly make it easier to follow her in the info age, not that I need to stalk (follow) anyone, just the few I knew on a platonic basis be easier to find.  So if you read this and remember me give me a shout.  Sure you wouldn't know me as Neo or Pirate, as these are adoped screen names, but I will let you know the name on my birthcertificate is...
drum roll please... dramatic pause.... Greg Nelson

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