Sunday, October 12

our beloved Bungals

What about the Bengals? (not the tigers the football team) oh, Did you know there are more tigers in captivity then in the wild?  but I don't think humans and tigers can coexist in a comforting mannner...   Back to the Bengals, 0-5 I think;  getting ready to be beat again today. Not that I have no confidence in them, I am just not confident they can win a game.  Maybe they will get a few first downs and actually score more than 3 points at a time today.  I don't think the team is lacking in talent.  Carson Palmer did very well in college and Chad Johnson, though a big mouth, is a talented football player.  I think, givin the past record, the coaching changes and player trades/drafts has not improved the teams performance you need look elsewhere to fix the 'problem'.   Now the hiring of Marvin Louis did increase the performance some, still the best the team can do is 500.... something else is wrong.  Lets see, the one constant I see in the past 20 years, yes it has been that long, is the General Manager.  Yup, Mike Brown.  (not naming any names)  Intellegent, yes; a good business man, yes; but a football man?  I don't think so!  Not being a big time sports fan, stats, records and other football teams are not things I follow but  isn't the GM usually the head coach? I reallly don't know.   Now I do know that Paul Brown used to own and run this football team.  I just don't think Mike Brown and really compare with Paul Brown,  as the Bengals record will attest.  I am neither a football guy or a busnessman or anything like that, I just observe.  The single constant in this whole mess is the GM.

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