Wednesday, October 29

Ruff go

What a day.  Late start to begin things (knew I would be out later to start with)  I did notice my work truck had a small coolant leak yesterday when I came back to the shop, talked it over with John (company owner) we had this problem once before amounted to nothing.  "Just keep an eye on it" I was alright with that.  Well today on my second stop (a stop is usually about 15 minutes) my helper was off to fertilize the lawn and I was walking the lawn to see how the weed situation was, as I walked the lawn I heard a hiss coming from the truck, turned to look and shit.  There was a slow leak of coolant under the truck and steam coming through the hood. Well called John on my cell he said he would have someone out right away etc (trying to see if we could get by without a tow) .  Well no such luck, poured coolant in and the leak became more prominant.  So end result was have the truck towed and John would bring his truck to us, change over the load and finish the day.  Well shit, I like sitting round but this was killing me, sat for about an hour waiting on the tow and John's truck.  Still wasn't an 8 hour day but this application only works me 4 hours back to shop reload and go home. So anyway burned up to much time sitting and to stay on schedule worked a full day.  Sorta kills when your plan is to be done, finished and going home by 1:30, think I will cry in my wine tonight.

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