Wednesday, October 29


knowing Neil Young music as I do, what does it mean?  I think the problems today match the problems of his day.  Does it relate?  I think it does, just a little different.  Instead of communism spreading across the globe could it be our country today?  I'm sorry, Obama is to close to Osama.  The man has recent and close ties to the PLO. Condoning the killing of Jews where ever they are and what ever they are doing.  I have seen his plan of redistriduting the wealth... does this not knock down the benefits of working hard?  Why would I want to do to law school for years, to become a lawyer and do better than the lazy bums that want to set on their asse_ when the end product is the same.  Sure this makes sense... I aspire to be a success in the profession of Law or get a phd when I can get the same reward just sitting on my lazy ass and be a sponge rather than a contriduting member of society?  Is this really what you want?  Do we need to change the name of the greatest nation on the earth to USSA?  This great nation was formed on the principles layed out by lawers, very wise men.  Now all the welfare bums enjoy the same benefits that are attainded through hard work and dedication.  Sure the street bum can go purchase a Rolls Royce instead of this being the end product of success.  Think hard before you mark your x

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tye-dye trinity said...

You're right on, Neo, to use an old phrase. This country is on the verge of losing its real freedom in a hurry if Obama is elected on Tuesday. And you're right, its too close to Osama.

We could be back in the USSR in a hurry except it will be here in America. Some very scary things could happen very, very quickly should he win. I am very, very nervous about this election.

I have my own reasons for not voting for Obama, but the man is just outright scary. He won't show his birth certificate, he hangs out with terrorists on a regular basis and he wants to turn this country into a socialism experiment.

May God have mercy and bless this country.