Sunday, November 23

winamp screen shot

This is a screen shot of a popular media player called Winamp. On the left you see the full size on the right is the window shade mode. What I really like about this player is the size. As I play tunes most of the time I am at my computer I keep both the main window and playlist editor in window shade mode. Nice small and out of the way. The playlist editor is very easy to work with, you can drag and drop individual files to rearrange the order, delete files, add files or folders. It does take a little playing around to get the feel of the program. I was introduced to this player by my friend Rich, and have put all other media players to rest, well pretty much. I have seen some new ones, Apollo, Aimp3, and a few others but I just like the size and ease of the controls on Winamp. It is available as a free ware or you can go pro (have used the pro version in pirate form, it really doesn't offer anything the free one doesn't do. I have it set to view the main and playlist editor by default. It has many different colors for the display, shown is called Night Vision. I have always been very impressed with this program. Its about all I use anymore.

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