Sunday, November 23

coff coff coff, its game day again

Ok fans, coff coff... hello is anyone there? Oh shit I must be a dieing breed known as a bungles fan. Note the new cats, white... as in I surrender before I even get there. Well here we are on game day again. ready to lose yet another one. Ocho Sinko or what ever he goes by is going to be in this one and yet I still am not confident they will achieve what they are out there to do, WIN! I don't mean to sound dicouraging but look at the record. The one win they got was by luck, not a stellar performance in anyway. I really don't have it in my plan book to watch them. Its just depressing. Have you seen? The suicide rate here in Cincinnati has taken a slight rise. Sales at the bungle wear dept in the store has taken a steep drop and the only ones at the game will be the ones with nothing better to do with thier time. Geeze, this was supposed to be fan blog but I can't in my right mind find a single thing to say positive for the Bungles. Oh yes I can... one win, a by week and tie, no loses in 3 weeks, woo hoo... who dey who dey who dey
Any Eagles fans out there? Don't you feel stupid, couldn't even beat the Bungles like you should have. I may watch the game after all, but this is going to take some heavy drinking and yea I'll smoke a few too.

Did you see what they did last week? Benched Ocho for breaking the rules and in steps Chris Henry (guns a blazing)


ok, enough on that rant, go Bungles, lose lose lose, its what you do best.

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