Saturday, November 15

The college student

I heard about a college student once.  She was about 5'6 blue eyes and very delightful to look at.
Being smart,witty and bright,  she decided it was draining her parents; going to Harvard studing law.  She decided to make it easier on her parents by making some money doing fixup stuff for home owners.  Driving up and down the street in her Hynda (or how ever you spell the jap car) in a ritzy neibhorhood she did finally come across a man who needed his porch painted. "For $50? sure I have the paint and and brushes in the garage."  Well things seemed to be looking up for Christy, she went to the garage got the paint and brushes and went to work.  1 hours later she came back to the door and told Mr Smith she had finished.  "Already?" (it was a wrap around porch on a large mansion) "yes" Christy replied, adding " oh and by the way it is pronounced Porsch'e"
oh did I mention Christy had blonde hair. :)

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