Sunday, November 16

Mike Brown please

Ever been frustrated over something you had no control over?  I claim to be a Bungles fan, I will root for the home team week after week.  The answer is simple, Mike Brown, please hire a professional to run your team.  Its not that big of a deal, lossing or just not winning week after week, something has to change.  New coaches don't help, and the players seem to be talented at thier art. Long ago when the pink elephant statium was built funded by tax payer dollars Mike promised to give us a competetive football team.  I have lived up my end of the promise ( if the best you can do is 500 that is not a competetive football team)  Mike Brown, please either sell the team to someone who wants to win, or hire a gm that will manage the team like they are winners.  Football is about the only tv I watch; I would like to see my team win a game more than lose a game

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