Sunday, December 7

bengal bash

yea I know you fans are sick of this stuff but time again for a little team spirit some partying and lots of disappointment. Our mighty Bungle cubs are all geared up to lose another battle. I would call it a game, but honestly fans, is this really going to classify as a "game"? Trust me here fans, I have total and complete respect for our guys in stripes, but this is a professional team we are up against this week. Chad, do me a favor and drop the f'in ocho shit. You are Chad, that is what your birth certificate has printed out on it, forget the spotlight, play ball like a pro and the glitz and glimour will come. Fitzy, you did good, but honestly I want to see Carson do what he does best. Carson, now that I do have your attention, who cares if it hurts a little, play like a pro.
Hushy, you are the outstanding member in this club, just do what it is you do and maybe some some streak of luck we might be able to pull this one off.

Well fans, looks like its almost game time, should we be able to call this a game is yet to be seen. I like the Colts so this one day of the NFL season I am rooting for the other guys, sorry about that Bungles, but I am still behind you 100%.

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