Tuesday, December 2

back up

well that was a trip, got the system back up again. Just one little mistake like that and poof. Even had to reset my Pidgin messenger (my contact to yahoo messenger) . All my pictures were lost, but I have them on a flash drive so it wasn't that big a deal. As you know I am a bit addicted to the computer, especially software issues. Still toying with idea of setting Ubuntu as a free standing operating system, next to windows xp on this computer.

Just for a minute lets talk about "Tool Bars" (dark grimicing organ sound) yes I did say Tool Bars.
Now tool bars are all fine and good and needed to jump around the net but come on folks; if you open your browser and a quarter of the page is used up in tool bars you have a problem. I like to run my machine with as little tool bars as possible. The one I am especially glad is not on Ubuntu is "The Yahoo! Tool Bar". What a freakin waist of space and it seems like its included as an extra on everything you install. A tool bar for a close imitation of the google search engine (but far inferior) with a button for every worthess web tool there is on the web. Yahoo! Mail, now there's a catchy idea, a mail server that sends your personal emails to the junk folder while bestowing upon you oddles and oddles of "you have been chosen" "find a date in your area" and "Grand Prize Recipient" notices. Yahoo! is the email address for the programs and stuff I never want to hear from, they always ask (email will remain private and that sort of bs) . A button for stock quotes, (yesterdays I'm sure) and even a button to go to "My Yahoo!" OMG, how can a person live with out going to My Yahoo!? Windows users, do me a great big favor; since you don't use it (never knew anyone that did) go to the control panel > add remove programs, remove the Yahoo! Tool Bar and all other Yahoo! installs on your computer. Well the messenger is ok leave that one there. You say to me, "Neo, I use Yahoo! mail. Well if you want to waist the 27 or so megs of space be my guest, I removed it and still get all the junk that Yahoo! thinks I need in my inbox. As you can tell I really love Yahoo!, but they do have a pretty good messenger, so I can't knock them too much. You gotta love those smiley faces!

well I think went on a little rant there for a bit, I'm back now.

Listening to a great collection of Rod Strewart tunes, thought I would share one with you.
Besides, I need to get that site in my bookmarks again.

well thought it was such a good song I would put it on here twice.

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