Saturday, December 13

computer stuff

its sorta cold out there tonight. Have taken a few walks out but needed to come back in. I really don't like the cold. Now I do like when it cools off a bit in the fall but this winter stuff is pretty bad. Well if you have been keeping up with me you would know I have been experimenting on this Linux program all day. I was trying to set my Linux as a stand alone operating system. Some reason I could not get it to install right. I have been spending the day getting my windows program back to the full partition and then install Ubuntu back in the windows program. Ubuntu works for me when installed with windows but I can't get it partitioned and installed. Think it could have been the software I made the partition with, but then the software was from a Ubuntu web site. So after all this I did get it back up on the computer, in a 10g partition in Windows, so at least I got back to where I started from and I will work on this some other time.

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