Saturday, December 13

ubuntu again

think I found the answer. I am now in the proses of resizing my partition for windows to give me room to install ubuntu as a free standing o/s . Is taking a bit of time but I can be patient. I am using MsPirates computer to post this and keeping my eyes on my computer. Proses is about 95% complete. Now the partition is changed, I will now see if I can install this Linux o/s and keep you up to date on my progress. Well failure at last, when I restart the computer with cd in either of my cd roms an error comes up. 'Buffer I/O devise sro logical block'
ok I will do this again another day, can't get it to run on the hard drive with out going through windows.

Well back running linux through windows,, just have to wait for the massive ubuntu update to finish now....

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