Sunday, December 28

Game Day

and so goes the saga of a team that can appear to be tough, organized and actually win a game or two*, Our beloved

*(I think its 3 wins)

This weekend we shall march on the field, our mascot shall include the orange with black stripes, as we have shown to have a will to win rather than coming out under the white tiger mascot as to say "I surrender", hmmm, isn't that a song?
but any how...
Though we have miserably failed to break the drive for five, we might just come away with a 4 win season (geeze thats pitiful)
And don't forget, we did have a tie with the Eagles.
with no one else to pin this debunkle on, we will agree its George Bush's fault.
Couldn't be the sharp orginization of the front office..... Marvin says "he won't play here again"
Mike Brown says "Chris Henry is an outstanding athlete" coff coff.
but anyway back to the pep rally, goooooooo Bungles, I mean Bengals!!
Think I'll watch the Indianapolis game instead.

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