Saturday, December 13


One of the funniest radio commercials I've listened to is the one the oil change sticker is talking to a car owner, "maybe I should have written down the mileage and date you last changed your oil, oh wait I did...." I listen to the radio at work, allot.

So I find out about the program, is a messenger program called Paltalk. Paltalk is set up as a windows only pc program, which means if you ain't got windows, tough. Then I heard about this new version called Paltalk Express. Supposed to work with Mac and other computers. Well guess its just another Pal glitch, I can't get to it with Linux. When I first learned about Paltalk back in 03 I would hang in the computer help rooms, listening and trying to follow some of the conversations. It is a mic based messenger, you can text but most of the conversation is by microphone. Being in a help room I would hear alot of different problems with the computer and the "Admin" of the room would talk the person through the steps to solve said problem. That google and a friend I had met taught me many things about the Windows program. So here I sit bored out of my mind with Windows and trying to Learn about Linux. I have been to Pal Express once on Windows, but whats the point with that, I can just open the Paltalk program in Windows. While I do think Paltalk is a good messenger, they just have a bunch of problems with it so I guess I can live with out.

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