Thursday, January 15

some people

So now Ms Pirate got that nice blazer we got an extra vehicle sitting around the parking lot, and a friend that knows we don't need it but only asks to 'borrow' it sometimes. Now I am not being to critical here but I would think he might offer to take the rolling freezer off our hands. The blower is out, no heat, no defrost, if it entails blowing air the only thing tlhat works is the 2/60 aircon. Not the hottest thing you'll ever drive but it goes, has space and Joe's job (names have been changed to protect the innocent) is one that requires a utility vehicle. Not sticking my nose in another's business but... (senario set up) Joe has 2 vehicles, Joe can only affod 1 vehicle, Joe owns a Dodge utility vehicle and a GM fun vehicle (namely a chevy monte with Jeff Gordon's name painted on it) Well take a guess at which one he decided to sell?

Why else would he need to borrow our van?

I do see the point though; the Monte Carlo is a limited edition collector but honestly, this could almost be sized up as a carpenter giving away his only hammer.

I am just thinking of course... Lets just say for example; I am a well rounded musician, I have a bass guitar and a 6 string guitar. I get a job as a lead guitarist; I need some money, does it make more sense to sell the Fender Strat or the Fender Jazz Bass? It just baffles my mind how some people think. ok I'm done with the pictures now.

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the human said...

Make sure your van has 0.01 gal of fuel in it next time he borrows it, at least you're not donating everything.