Saturday, January 3

The best get rich scheme I can think of

Chrysler gets $4bn emergency loan

Dodge Ram trucks sit parked outside a Chrysler factory in Fenton, Missouri.
Chrysler's problems have put thousands of US jobs at risk

The huge American carmaker Chrysler has received a $4bn (£2.75bn) emergency loan from the US government in a deal to help it stave off collapse.

It is part of a $13.4bn rescue package approved last month by Washington for Chrysler and its rival General Motors.

Both companies said they needed the money to pay suppliers at a time of plunging sales and credit concerns.

ok listen and listen well; We all want to be millionaires right? well I am about to tell you how you can be a millionair (and you don't need to play some stupid reality tv game)

Just announce to the presedent that you are an automobile manufacturer and you get a divy of the big thing.

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