Thursday, January 29

My Name

Now having downed about 4 cups of hot chocolate with rum I am feeling pretty darn good about now.
I'm just aggravated in a few ways, but I'm ok, really.
I am still seeing only one monitor, so I don't think I am that far gone.

Many out there see my name, Pirate Named Neo... well the pirate part is not so much the seafaring character so much as I was trained on the pirate side of the computer industry (I have changed my ways...honest) but free is so much better. The Named Neo part is as I am sure you have guessed part of the Matrix series of movies. It does go a little deeper than that though. My last cat Neo, short for Neoptolemus ( Achilles' son) will live as he is now part of my screen name. A ferotious little "cat with an attitude" as one friend put it. Was mean from day one. He is my daughters' little devil now as she agreed to take him when my last land bitcfh, I mean land lord would not let me have a pet. Not even a gold fish. 8-10 months later the land bitch, I mean land lord let her friend move in down stairs from me, with a dog. A loud, aggrivating, barky little dog. Actually more a medium sized dog. It just kills me how land bitch, I mean land lords make their own rules. Have had more than one experience with land bitch (bastards) I mean land lords in my history. Neo (talkin about the cat again) was a cool cat though. Would jump up the wall to attack.... nothing there, but hey, if he see's an attcker, far be it for me to tell him different.
attacking feet was a favorite past time too. Drew blood a few times, but heck I'm his human.
I know this is dragging on, I will close saying good night and peace to all.

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