Thursday, January 22


Just the name alone strikes fear. Fret not though as the Cicada Killer Wasp will only attack Cicadas. Or so I am told, I have never been stung by one yet. I have been stung many times, yellow jackets, bees, bald faced hornet to name a few. Never a cicada killer though. They do seem frightening, but I have walked straight threw a swarm of cicada killers quite a few times.

The Bald Faced Hornet

stay away from this little monster. Has a sting that will light you on fire and make
you come to realize there is something worse than death.
One time, thats all it takes to let you know this guy means business when he gets you.
Under a beech tree, they do hang out in trees; stung me on the earlobe and lit my head
on fire. I will never forget that experience. ASAP I was to the truck pouring the contents
of my water bottle on the left side of my head. It really didn't do that much for the venom
burn. Been injured, cut and generally abused by my job, or the fact that I am an A1 clutz; but I have never experienced that sort of discomfort in my life.
I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

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