Thursday, January 22

Tree Damage


Annual, 7 year, 14 year and 17 year, this bug has an interesting life. Feed and breed. I have heard they are tasty in butter but I am not that daring. The Cicada makes a lot of noise, can be aggravating and scare you out of your pants but are essentially harmless.
The name Cicada comes from the Latin cicada, meaning "buzzer".
In great hordes they can do some damage to trees. This past summer I saw this,
typically the 7, 14 and especially the 17 year groupings-

Causing many trees in the area to not produce the beautiful colors often seen in the fall.
Looks more like a space ship than a living being. "Mission control, this is Cicada 1 all systems report ready."

They seem to be attracted to the buzzing or chirping sound of a fertilizer spreader.
Pushing my spreader under a tree, as I came from under I would have to stop for a minute
to remove a couple dozen from my shoulders and such.

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I also noticed this past summer in great numbers the shells these guys leave after molting have an offensive odor to them.

Working outdoors I have the chance to see nature and all the wonderful, some times aggravating and other times frightful creatures and events in nature.

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