Saturday, January 17


I am not a scientist (or at least not professionally) but it does seem this is what the entire planet of Mars looks to be. We see this shot from Spirit, on the opposite side of the planet we get similar views from Opportunity and the shots from The Phoenix are also quite similar to this. Now don't misunderstand me here, I enjoy seeing, reading and learning about the other planets; but finding life here seems a bit far fetched.

The farther we go from the sun the less likely it appears to be. I read, and take in information with an open mind. Though Saturn is 3 planets further into the solar system plus a belt of asteroids; Saturn itself puts out more heat than it receives from the sun. How much heat is required to support life? Is there a possibility of life? Well certainly.

Nothing is out of the question. I can't say that as it is on Earth is universal. The Earth is however, unique to this solar system. Heat, water, carbon, and gravity are what we consider inhabitable. Maybe someday will will find Tribbles , Klingons and maybe even some Vulcans but that will probably not be for some time.

Beyond finding other life I think we should expand our efforts to explore space. More to ease our curiosity than anything else.

In all this we have forgotten one very important fact: Property Rights.

I will of course say that the moon belongs to Earth, a sort of 'unwritten contract'. Lets be careful though. We are already guilty of leaving trash strewn about the surface, lets not forget the destruction we have done to our own planet; global warming and pollution. <---(do note the sarcasm)
And what about colonies on the moon? Tariffs, taxes, Boston Tea Party, One if by land Two is by
Revolutionary War...

sorta rambling here...

Just recall from the younger school days, the moon is the responsible force to the tide here on Earth. So lets not use it as "nuclear target practice".

I haven't researched but I do think the tide is necessary.

Still on the same note, who really owns Mars, or any of the planets?
Is it "ours" because there isn't anyone here?

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