Saturday, January 17

Space junk

How much 'space junk' do we have now? 5 landings on the moon, several robotic landings on Mars, one robot on Titan, the list is growing and that's not even the orbital junk we leave.
As a race we sure to seem to leave things cluttered up. And mind you most of this has been the USA and Russia.

Are we creating extraterrestrial junk yards?
I tell you we are a bunch of slobs, pigs if you will (spacepigs)

I think the 1st step is back to the moon and clean up. We have 5 landing sights where we left the legs of the LM, a couple with go-carts and do we really need all those flags?
Well all right, the flags can stay.
and what about the cockpit of the LM.

Of all the towering mighty of the Saturn V launch vehicle
And this is all that we returned with...

Forgive me for asking but, What happened to the rest of the ship?"

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