Thursday, January 15

life, I think not

Now here is a strange place to look for life, Io one of the Galilean satellites of Jupiter. I think the scientists are reaching for straws now. In an effort to discover other life in the solar system they are putting ideas in their heads as to what constitutes life, where life begins and what are the needs of said life form.

Again I am sceptical of any life other than earth existing in our solar system. Being the refrigerator is where you keep food to avoid exposure to bacteria, I am sorta set on the idea that you need a fair amount of heat to support life. Are you with me on this one. Now from Earth, if we go just 1 planet closer to the sun, Venus, we encounter a hot, venomous world (unable to sustain life as we know it) and on the other hand we try just 1 planet away from the sun, Mars, we encounter a world too cold, again we come to a barren world, I didn't see any plants on Mars in the pictures I have seen. Again we are batting zero. I just don't see a moon as a likely place to find life. Earth is even a little cold to support life (in the winter time;what did man do before the advent of clothing?) so all I am saying is keep exploring but quit with the "looking for live" nonsense! Hardly a scientific reason to be spending a million or so dollars to check what's out there. Yes the possibilities are endless, maybe we will find life other than here on home planet; but honestly with the trouble we have on Earth, between the different peoples do we really need to incorporate something "out of this world" into our politics.

well this is just one mans opinion of life...

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The Jules said...

I think you're right about the source of heat being necessary for life, but it doesn't have to come just from the sun - a lot comes from the centre of some planets and moons (magma and radioactivity), so that there may be liquid water under a thick frozen surface which is capable of supporting life.

A bit like the thermophiles that live around the hot vents in deeps seas on earth.

Mmm . . . hot shrimp.