Thursday, January 15

welcome new followers. I am going on a random rant again tonight.
can't really think of anything to rant about tonight, guess you could call this a non-rant
Got the old van sold today! If you remember an earlier post "Joe" didn't actually buy it but did find a person to buy it. I am happy as MsPirate and myself are real good at procrastination. We invented the "why do today what you can do next year" mind set. Tag time is coming in March, so that was the deadline to get that vehicle gone. Its a decent van, $400 and a hair cut seemed like a better than fair deal. (C cuts my hair when she has the time) I was long overdue!
Out of hot chocolate, have to settle for rum and coke tonight. Though not my default alcoholic bev will work in a pinch.... They do say change is good every once in a while. I could go on about my sex life but being this is a rated G blog, and I'm somewhat sure you don't want to know about it I will skip that. No work tomorrow but I still get payed, so I'm pretty happy about that (true trade is 'lazy bum').

Well I am off to bed, MsPirate doesn't like sleeping alone, and really neither do I. I will post again tomorrow. Good night.

I really am a New Yorker
(well I was born in Jersey)
New Jersey: only state prefixed with New and doesn't need it

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