Wednesday, January 28

Looking out my back door.

The blizzard of 09

Like they (those nebulous people) said, late morning comes in with more snow. This on top of the some 15cm already on the ground the slush on the road ways is due to re-freeze; catastrophe and chaos looming in the background. Crime and violence... riots and mayhem all in the near future
White Death

but anyhow it looks pretty cool and I don't have to drive anywhere so I am safe.

Trees in the area are iced over, about 3 cm on the branches. The electric company in the area is busy restoring power to some. Expecting (those nebulous people are) for more power outages to occur. Weather is getting the best of us these past few seasons. The limbs of this Cherry Tree are near capacity with ice weight on them.
Covington Ky has now issued a level 3 snow emergency. We are just a bit north of that, Covington and Cincinnati each share the Ohio River as a boundary.
ok, I have to admit, when it comes to photography, the equipment really does matter. Actually the sun shines bright and makes
an almost mystical shine off the ice frozen to the trees. And again my cell phone pos cam does
it no justice at all. (note to self, get a digital cam) Even the tree behind the building was ablaze with color and brilliance. Though produced through the common properties of refracting and reflecting light (all scientific) It leaves you thinking is there a god after all? Some things just have a beauty beyond compare. (my girl MsPirate included with that mix)

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Cait said...

Wow..that was an ice storm..I feel sad for those trees.