Thursday, January 15

Neo's adventure

In 1978 I stood on the roof. It was an incredible sight. One you might get once in a life time. Well if you saw Stone Mountain you would say twice in a life time. So any way I was just thinking back to that day and started the math, figuring 25 feet to a story, wtc being 110 stories, we're talking well over a quarter mile, almost a half mile to the top.

I have been to New York many times. Long Island usually as that is where my mom's best friend/maid of honer/ gosh I miss you lived. We would visit Carole and Lexy about every other year but in 78 we actually did a sight seeing trip through the big apple. Good part of the day was the subway to and the WTC. Impressive architecture. I have one word left in my mind on the whole adventure, and that is 'WOW'
I know every city has their own "tallest" and you pay a few bits to go up to the roof, look through the telescopes and such... Cinci is that way with the Carew Tower

But this is small fry stuff... I mean I am talkin the twin towers in New York...

But this experience did bring 9/11 close to home.
I heard on the radio all day about the attack, and believe me the damage and rubble came to shake my very soul. I was part of those buildings. I had left my footprint ( or at least my sneaker print on that building). I was crushed, as those 2 towers came down....
so many years later and it still touches my soul, and mind you this is just a feeling for the buildings, there is still more grief for the 3000 souls lost that tragic day.

On a happier note, I did witness the close of wall street that day. Talk about wild, moments before the close at 4:00pm; movement, brokers going podium to podium, quicker, faster, almost lightning speed, the bell goes off, and the room is empty before the last ticket hits the floor. Crazy!
And I might note I did about get run over by a cab on the way to....
Was one exciting day. Not your typical tourist day of New York City, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and maybe the Museum. More a home town look, WTC, Wall Street and Subway System. God I love my Mom for that day.

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